Why Choose Stahl?

Stahl Specialty Company uses its decades of experience in producing high-quality aluminum castings to select the optimal process to produce your product. We employ the best engineering talent from metallurgists to Ph.D. engineers and utilize the latest mold flow simulation tools to enhance the knowledge developed over the 75+ year history.

Stahl remains at the top of the industry because of its long-established presence in the marketplace and the sheer capacity it offers. The combination of size and capacity that Stahl has is unmatched in the industry. Stahl can process approximately 40 million pounds of aluminum each year.

The complete line up of casting equipment from small single station machines, and high volume rotary casting cells to the largest fleet of the biggest tilt-pour machines in the world, the capacity to produce quality permanent castings is simply unmatched. Stahl Specialty Company boasts more than 70 CNC machining centers.