Foundry and Casting

Reliable, Effective & Technically Advanced Products

Stahl Specialty Company is a vertically integrated operation featuring aluminum castings, core making, a world-class heat treat facility, and full CNC machining capability. Quality is integral to the entire process, as is the ability to X-ray real-time with automatic defect recognition, and full APQP quality inspection. Preferred volumes range from 1,000 to 1 million parts per year, and are in the size range of 2 pounds (0.91kg) to 400 pounds (181kg).

Stahl has tremendous casting capacity with a number of the largest machines in the industry, and rotaries for high volumes.

Stahl core making process photo.

Core Making

Stahl specializes in complex castings, many of which are semi-permanent mold. Stahl understands the challenges to cored castings and will work with your engineers to design for the highest optimization for your specific parts.

High level view of the Stahl foundry.


Stahl has significant in-house capacity and a fleet of casting machines to produce a wide range of parts. We also have in-house core manufacturing and the necessary assets to support your needs. Core capabilities include hot cured (Shell) and cold cured (SO2) as well as flexibility in sand grain sizes and resins.

Stahl foundry image.

Static Pour Mold Process

Stahl has the largest fleet of large 48″ x 60″ machines and rotaries for high volumes.