Stahl Specialty Company is a vertically integrated operation featuring core making, a world-class heat treat facility, and full CNC machining capability. Quality is integral to the entire process, as is the ability to X-ray real-time with automatic defect recognition, and full APQP quality inspection. Preferred volumes range from 1,000 to 1 million parts per year, and in the size range of 2 pounds (0.91kg) to 400 pounds (181kg).

Why Stahl Specialty Company?

Stahl Specialty uses its decades of experience in producing high-quality aluminum castings to select the optimal process to produce your product.

High level view of the Stahl foundry.
Foundry & Casting

Stahl has tremendous casting capacity with a number of the largest machines in the industry, and rotaries for high volumes.

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Stahl heat treatment facility image.
Heat Treatment

Our in-house designed and developed bottom-drop furnaces allow the castings to move from the furnace to the quench tank in under seven seconds.

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Stahl quality inspection image.

As a producer of precision castings, Stahl utilizes a full complement of tools and processes to ensure that we meet your exacting standards.

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Stahl engineering image.

Upfront collaboration is key to ensure that a casting design supports high yield production, at the metallurgical performance levels that the market demands.

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Stahl machining station.

One call to Stahl Specialty Company leads to a high-quality permanent mold aluminum cast component that has been machined and is ready for assembly.

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