Heat Treating

Stahl Specialty Company has a world-class, CQI9 registered heat treating facility. It is not only an industry-leading capability in ground transportation castings, there are many other industries benefitting from our world-class capabilities.

Consistently Exceeding "Book" Standards

Our in-house designed and developed bottom-drop furnaces allow the castings to move from the furnace to the quench tank in under seven seconds compared to the industry & military (MIL) standards of 30 seconds. This reduced heat-to-quench time and the development of custom heat treat parameters allows us to exceed the industries ‘book’ values providing you with the highest mechanical properties for your castings.

Metallurgy Expertise

Stahl has performed decades of extensive studies on a particular alloy’s response to heat treatment recipe variations. This data allows Stahl engineers to provide a specific custom heat treatment recommendation to our customers to meet their specific metallurgical requirements.

In order to achieve superior mechanical properties for structures, steering, and safety-critical components like control arms, steering knuckles, and brake calipers, Stahl follows its best practices:

  • A core focus on tilt-pour permanent mold and semi-permanent mold process to promote quiescent filling and directional solidification.
  • Proper Degassing controls, continuous degassing processes, and a focus on metal cleanliness.
  • Mold designs based on Solidification modeling on the part, gating, and cooling design.
  • Robust heat treat processes utilizing Stahl-built bottom drop ovens with rapid (<10 seconds) quench capability.
Stahl Specialty Company heat treatment facility.

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