Producing large, complex, pressure-tight, high-quality castings and other high-performance products requires a team with strong engineering capabilities. Upfront collaboration with our customers is key to ensuring that their casting design is robust so that it supports being produced in high yields, at the quality and metallurgical performance levels that the market demands.

Solidification Modeling

One of the first tools used by Stahl’s engineers is solidification software. Utilizing both filling and solidification routines, Stahl Engineers can better understand a castings natural thermal response when coupled with a particular gating scheme and cooling system. By reviewing variations in casting design, gating design, and or the cooling system, a mold can be developed that meets the customers requirements and casting performance requirements, as well as production target goals.

For the best assurance that your casting project will launch on time as designed, contact Stahl Specialty engineering to work through the Design for Manufacturing Process.

Stahl engineer working on a computer.

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