About Stahl Specialty Company

Stahl Specialty Company is a vertically-integrated permanent mold casting company and machine shop that features world-class permanent mold and semi-permanent mold aluminum castings. Our in-house capabilities include castings, core making, heat treat, machining, X-ray, dye penetrant, impregnation, leak testing, assembly, and other advanced quality systems.

Stahl enjoys a unique position in the market due to its ability and capacity to produce high-quality, precision-machined products from complex castings produced in-house with significant volumes. This proficiency is virtually unmatched in the industry. This skill set further provides the basis for highly competitive production of machined permanent and semi-permanent castings at any volume.

Our History

Glenn W. Stahl founded Stahl Specialty Company just after the end of World War II. Stahl Specialty Company has since transitioned into a full service, state of the art aluminum permanent mold foundry and CNC machine shop.

Today, Stahl Specialty Company concentrates on permanent and semi-permanent mold aluminum castings. From its manufacturing plants in both Kingsville and Warrensburg, Mo., the company produces components for the marine, diesel engine, agriculture, refrigeration, construction tool, automotive and commercial industries. Spalding says the company has evolved into one known for precision casting and machining of parts for pressure-tight and/or high mechanical integrity requirements. He explains that the company has the capability to cast and machine parts ranging from 2 pounds to 400 pounds.

A One-Stop Shop

Stahl is a full-service, high-volume supplier to HVAC, heavy truck, automotive, marine, construction, agriculture, robotics, and food service industries. We offer a large number of additional services, including:

Image of the Stahl Specialty Company facility.

Our Facility

Stahl has significant in-house capacity and a fleet of casting machines to produce a wide range of parts. We have in-house core manufacturing and the necessary assets to support your needs. Core capabilities include hot cured (Shell) and cold cured (SO2) as well as flexibility in sand grain sizes and resins. Stahl has the largest fleet of large 48″ x 60″ machines and rotaries for high volumes.

Our Mission

Stahl’s mission is to become the world’s best aluminum casting supplier through:

  • Innovation
  • Profitable growth
  • Value creation for our customers, employees, and stakeholders

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